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teachout pic16Mobile Video Surveillance

Teachout Mobile Video Surveillance provides a mobile and affordable security solution for any site you need to monitor. Combining state-of-the-art video compression, cellular networks and mobile technology, our system provides on-site surveillance where you need it, when you need it.

On demand flexibility

Our system can be towed by most automobiles for easy transport. The system offers efficient set up and can be relocated in less than ten minutes to accommodate on-site relocation. If you need our system for a specific period of time or project, we offer rental terms.

The power you can rely on

You need a unit that works for you reliably. Our system can operate two weeks on the 1000 amp hour battery bank combined with the 85-amp solar assist panel. The system was engineered to draw minimal power of 12 volts DC. When needed, dead batteries can recharge in 8 to 10 hours from a 110 VAC outlet.

Easy around-the-clock access

If you can operate a PC, you can operate our easy to use system. A laptop is provided with the unit so you can connect directly to the trailer. Cellular and Wi Fi technology allows you to view and control the system from anywhere in the world through Internet connectivity and software. The unit is also capable of linking to live 24/7 monitoring service.

Durable and dependable

To prevent the breakdowns, we engineered our system with a rugged 250GB Hard Drive. Far more durable and weather resistant than DVR drives, our hard drive provides easier access, better connectivity, and can store up to 30 days of surveillance. Our systems are weather tight and tamper proof to deliver long term, secure performance.

Complete support

We offer a one year warranty for tech support, networking and troubleshooting. Teachout also provides a two year warranty on all components with optional maintenance and tech support contracts available after the first year. If needed, we can also offer financial options.


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