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For nearly three decades, Teachout Security Solutions have been setting the standard in uniformed officer security. Our comprehensive service offerings can meet the requirements of a wide range of sites and situations for educational, institutional, financial, retail, industrial, governmental, and health care customers... across the the country and the world.

Partnership Protection

To provide the highest level of service available in the industry Teachout Security Solutions has developed its “Partnership Protection Program”. This program is design to ensure the client’s needs are clearly identified and met through a specific Position Description with “Open Book” communications. This approach establishes a true partnership with our customers with the ultimate goal of achieving the “Best Value” for your investment.

Developing Partnership Protection is a collaborative process that involves:


  • Step One: Need Identification...
    In this step of the process we meet with the client to identify their needs as well as any value added services that could be addressed within the scope of the assignment. This clear understanding of the needs allows us to work with you provide the officers that will that will best suit your needs.
  • Step Two: Position Description...
    Position Description development begins with our review of like positions within our extensive databank of existing positions. With well over 400 employees, 500 strategic partners in our worldwide network, and 1000’s of client experiences over thirty years, we can provide you more than just a cookie cutter officer. We will identify existing Position Descriptions that are similar in function and responsibility to your organizations. The necessary modifications to the Position description are then made to fit your requirements exactly. At this point a draft of the Position Description will be submitted for your review, modification or approval.
  • Step Three: Candidate Profile Development...
    With the Position Description agreed upon, we can begin to develop the profile of the ideal candidate. These include areas needed to perform the assigned duties, such as physical capabilities, personality traits, educational experience, special training and work history. Once these and other relevant factors have been considered a set of profile questions will be developed for use in the interview process.
  • Step Four: Wage & Benefit Planning...
    With the Position Description and Candidate Profile are established, we meet with you to determine the investment that will be made in the position. This information in combination with market and like positions in the market to be able to make an informed decision regarding the wage and benefits needed to successfully meet your needs.

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