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Teachout Security

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Teachout Credential Solutions customers select from one of the multiple, affordable, and reliable background services to verify the histories of their applicants or current employees:

  • Civil Records
  • C.O.P.S.
  • Drug-Testing - 10 Panel
  • Drug-Testing - 5 Panel
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Essential Report
  • Fed: Civil-Per Jurisdication
  • Fed: Criminal
  • Felony & Misdemeanor
  • Felony Only
  • Global Report
  • Global Plus
  • MedClear Org
  • MedClear Pro
  • National MedClear Org
  • National MedClear Pro
  • Misdemeanor Only
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • National Registry Check
  • Professional License
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Statewide
  • Sexual Offender


Some searches may have access fees that are assessed by the jurisdiction. These fees are in addition to the fee above.

Automated background investigation services

The Teachout Credential Solutions is a convenient, efficient and cost effective way to conduct the background investigations you need to protect your business or organization. Our process uses multiple and reputable services to compile the information that you need. As a licensed and insured investigation agency, Teachout Investigations provides excellent communication, professionalism and ethical standards for our valued clients. We are committed to providing accurate and timely background investigations.

How Teachout Credential Solutions works…

You are assigned a confidential user name and password and then granted access to our secure server to conduct the background investigation of your choice. Within a fraction of the time of traditional background investigation services, your results are delivered to you through your computer. 

Social Security Trace

The Social Security trace verifies that a Social Security number is valid, was issued legally by the federal government, and indicates the date that the number was issued. 

Driving History

Motor Vehicle Reports are searched through the state in which the driver’s license is issued to provide the status of the license (valid, invalid, suspended, or any other classification), class of the license, expiration date, date issued, any citations still active, and associated points or infractions. 

Commercial Drivers License Information

The Commercial Drivers License Information Search (CDLIS) locates any prior licenses, current Commercial Drivers License (CDL), and up to three prior licenses held by commercial vehicle drivers.

Eviction Database

Our eviction reports contain all of the defendants involved in a tenant eviction case, judgment, plaintiff, suits, or petition filed and particular comments on the case.

Workers Compensation

Searches the state databases of claimants who have filed for workers compensation. The number of years searched and the required criteria vary from state to state.

Criminal History

Criminal history is searched by county, state and federal levels to reveal a subject’s seven-year criminal history.

High School, College, or Special Training

Teachout Credential Solutions confirms dates of attendance, degrees earned, or completion dates from the institutions provided including high school, college, and/or trade schools.

Previous Employment Verification

Teachout Credential Solutions will verify previous dates of employment, the subject’s title, job performance, reason for departure, and other information as requested including workplace specific information.

Professional License Verification

Teachout Credential Solutions will contact the administering organization of any specific license to verify subject’s license, status, date of issue, renewal and expiration dates, and any disciplinary action if available.

Personal or Professional References

This is a customized searched as workplace necessity merits. Teachout Credential Solutions will contact references provided by the subject to verify the relationship.

Developed References

Teachout Credential Solutions will develop additional individuals not listed on the applicant’s resume or application. These individuals will be interviewed to verify information provided by the applicant and uncover unknown facts. These references can be business and/or personal.

Civil Litigation

A search of upper civil court records in the subject’s current residential jurisdiction is conducted.

Fraud & Abuse Control Information System

FACIS® searches for disciplinary actions taken by federal agencies as well as licensing and certification agencies nationwide.

International investigations

As requested, Teachout Credential Solutions will conduct international information gathering for applicant screening. These screening services are conducted through pre-qualified information sources around the world.

Drug Testing 5 & 10 Panel

Teachout Credential Solutions provides drug testing assistance for our clients’ applicants. Results are sent through the on-line system with standard 24-72 hour turnaround. All drug-testing rates include a medical review officer to review any positive results to verify all prescriptions taken by an applicant under a doctor’s supervision.

Teachout Credential Solutions Plans

BRONZE PLAN: Suggested for entry-level positions
Social Security Trace
Felony & Misdemeanor – Current County

SILVER PLAN: Suggested for positions with driving responsibilities and increased need for integrity
Social Security Trace
Felony & Misdemeanor – 7 years address history
Motor Vehicle Report

GOLD PLAN: Suggested for middle management, positions with access to a client’s home or possessions
Social Security Trace
Felony & Misdemeanor – 7 years address history
Motor Vehicle Report
Drug Testing
Education Verification – highest degree
Employment Verification – past 3 employers

PLATINUM PLAN: Suggested for management or executive positions
Social Security Trace
Felony & Misdemeanor – 7 years address history
Federal Criminal – 7 years address history
Civil Upper – 7 years address history
Employment Credit Report
Drug Testing
Motor Vehicle Report
Education Verification – highest degree
Employment Verification – past 3 employers


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